Monday, April 23, 2012

The worst bragger in the world

Okay that title is not actually applicable (well, except that I am actually bragging) but I watched Zach Galifianakis' 2011 SNL monologue today and when he says that I laugh.

How did my kids sleep this weekend, you ask?  Amazing.  So, yes, I'm bragging because I doubt it will last, but we have had three nights in a row where all three babies slept 11+ hours STRAIGHT.  I never thought I would see this day.  And I'm documenting the momentous occasion in case it never happens again.  Now if they could just teach me how to sleep through the night...(I realized when I was still tired at work today maybe they aren't the problem).

We had quite an active weekend.  FNC Crawfish Party on Friday night, a walk to the Grove for Grove Bowl activities on Saturday, trying rice cereal via spoon, and the OLHS Dog Park party on Sunday.  I was serious when I said I was working on getting them out and about more

The dogs don't care about us but we are starting to care about them.  

At the OLHS dog park party.  Coffee won out as the occupier of my left hand over Ginger so she stayed home.  And she is typically not nice to other dogs as you may remember from her profile.

Irene and Brooks talking on the spit up covered couch
Trying spoon feeding for the first time.  Go Majors!
Chillin on the screen porch Sunday afternoon
This is how most of my pictures of Brooks turn out because she moves like lightning.  All she wants to do is sit and stand.
Irene at her PT check in today.  Last one unless we think she needs it later!
All that work made her so sleepy.
Anna at the Grove Bowl festivities.  We had to bundle up because it was cold.

Speaking of Anna, you may remember from a few months ago that she had a Grade III IVH (brain hemmorage) when she was in the NICU.  The bleeding stopped but we have been monitoring her brain over the last few months, hoping the enlarged ventricles would resolve back to their normal size.  We had a check up with the Neurosurgeon in Memphis last week and it looks as though the ventricles may actually be slightly larger (more fluid) now.  For now we are still just watching it and she will have another check in June.  Here she is waiting on the doctor last week.  She was in absolute heaven with all the attention from both of us all day.

12 lbs of DRAMA

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