Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Serenade

Brooks decided to wake us up with a serenade to Jack for his birthday today.
Yes, you cannot see the actual video because there is no daylight.  At least she waited until almost 6 this morning.  The night before this is what we heard NONSTOP from 3-5 am.

Poor child has my sleep habits, it appears.  She may drive her sisters nuts when she can talk.

This may or may not be what they have in store for them at 4 am:
Me: "Hey Jack.  Are you awake?"
Jack:  "No"
Me:  "I was you think bibs that snap or velcro are better?  Because snaps are harder to get on, but they stay on.  Velcro is easy to get on, but sometimes it doesn't stay together.  You know?  I just go back and forth and really am torn about my thoughts on this."

I also have fond memories of making Anna Ruth play games at night when we were little.  Like Jane Fonda (we took turns being the instructor), whistle and guess the song, burp the alphabet, and go fish (I would toss the end of my blanket from the top bunk and she had to pretend to be a fish).


  1. That is so funny! I was just telling someone recently about our Jane Fonda nights, and the humming game....apparently I never could hum correctly.

  2. No, you couldn't. Nor could you say "roy".

  3. you make me laugh so hard