Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't be offended...

...or surprised if you finally get to meet our girls and instead of seeing this:

you see this:
granted, the bonnets MAY have had something to do with this
They have a new trick that I call "freaking out in public places". It is really cute. One baby starts screaming bloody murder out of nowhere (usually laid back Irene), the next baby thinks it is a good idea to join in (usually Anna, who doesn't want to be left out of anything). It is LOUD. If you are lucky Brooks will join in too although she is more likely to have a "what on earth is the matter with y'all?" look on her face.

There are so many upsides to having triplets. One of the downsides is that it is really hard to go places when they are this little. We go on A LOT of walks through town, which is great, but they don't just go to restaurants or the grocery store. I think they are at an age where they are becoming very aware of their surroundings and get a little freaked out when we are in new places or around new people.

So, we will be working on our social skills.

Surely these little angels wouldn't act like that, right?

We had a great Easter weekend in Birmingham.  It was our first road trip and they did pretty well in the car and great at night in the pack-n-plays.  We had a few meltdowns, as described above, but overall it was a fun trip.  They are in their little Easter dresses in the pics above.  Anna Ruth posted a recap family pics on her blog.  A few more:
My favorite pic of the weekend.  Brooks has the funniest personality and this captures it very well.
Will, Frances, and Anna Ruth.  Frances kept us so entertained all weekend.  
We met up with some of my high school friends and their kiddos.   They witnessed a few meltdowns (if you look close Anna is having one in this pic).


  1. Zoey has started doing this as well. Last night we went to eat at one of Brian's customers and they come up and spoke to her and she started screaming.

    I'm still sad that I missed meeting the girls last Thursday!

  2. I miss you! Your posts make me laugh so hard.

  3. My sister that has all triplet girls rarely goes anywhere too. They are three now. These days I don't think it's the fits so much as it is just keeping up with them. Last year it was the fact that the only place she comfortably maneuver the stroller was down the street. Maybe she will resurface again when she has to take them to kindergarten.