Monday, August 29, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I have lots of time to think these days.  Sometimes my brain wants to dive into the pregnancy paranoia thoughts, but I TRY to avoid that.  Lately I've spent a lot of time thinking about all the amazing people we have in our lives.  Our immediate families have been doing so much for us.  Our friends and extended families are so helpful and supportive.  It just makes me happy and gives me something positive to think about when I have down time.  

This last weekend made me realize it more than ever.  I had a houseful of family for the weekend (Mom, AR, Carolyn, Frances, Lyndy, and Kat) and they kept me company, did stuff around the house, provided food - all while I just laid on the couch or in bed.  There is nothing better than waking up and staying in bed a few hours with the company of three sweet nieces, and your mom and sisters bringing you food.

The one time I did get up was to go to my shower.  Big outing for me!  I don't even have the right words to describe how wonderful it was.  Everything was perfect - the food, the decorations, the company.  My friends went above and beyond and I appreciate everything they did so much.  Even though I was a lame guest of honor and had to sit on the couch the whole time.  Luckily there were some great photographers to capture all the wonderful details.

The incredible food and decorations:
Candy Bar - so cute
Diaper Cake, courtesy of Natalie (with a surprise in the middle)
Teeny tiny onesies - monogrammed by Corinne
Delicious cookies and cakes, beautifully decorated (the three cakes each were a different flavor and monogram)
Wonderful food and decorations
Pretty flowers and decorations - flowers courtesy of Rita's garden
Decorations and gifts - three beautiful handmade gowns from Mary Clay, made by her mother in law
Can't wait to read these cards!

Hostesses, Family, and Friends
Oxford friends and hostesses Audrey, Corinne, Lisa, Susan
Oxford friends and hostesses Rita and Christina (the shower mastermind)
Jackson/Vburg/Natchez friends and hostesses - Sarah, Lauren, Leslie, Susan, Candice, Brandi
So happy to see Millsaps BFFs Ashley, Denise, Erin, Lauren

Grandmothers - Meme (my mom) and Honey (Jack's mom)

Lauren, me, Erin, Denise, Carrie, Anna
Frances being her usual cute self with Ashley and Leslie
Frances still being cute
Even though I was couch bound I was served plenty of delicious food
Wonderful hostesses
I am so thankful for everyone.  Our girls are already surrounded by lots of love.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Well, isn't that special"

"Well, isn't that special."  That is what I say in my head about the fact that there is a hurricane named Irene looming out there.  I will say, Irene is the resident trouble maker of the womb.  She usually is kicking Anna in the head or sticking her rear in Brooks' face. 

We've crossed the 24 week mark which is very exciting.  About 10+/-  weeks to go, hopefully.  Sometimes 10 weeks sounds like an eternity yet I know it will be here before we know it.   The girls are all growing and over a pound now.  Anna (baby A) is still the smallest, but she is not far behind Irene (B) and Brooks (C).  I've now moved from house arrest to more strict bed-rest as a result of the doctor seeing some very early signs that could indicate pre-term labor is wanting to make an appearance sooner than we wish.  Nothing too major at this point and with a little bit of medicine and keeping my feet up hopefully we can nip that in the bud.

One major perk of going to the specialist in Memphis is the fancy equipment.  They have super cool sonograms and we always get to see the 4D images.  A few weeks ago we got good face views of Anna and Irene, and yesterday Brooks was showing off her mug.  They never all cooperate on the same day.   It is hard to tell in these shots but there are always limbs belonging to other babies in the picture.  We continue to be amazed and amused at how crowded and all over each other they are.

Anna on 8/3, Irene on 8/3, Brooks on 8/21

The nursery is coming along.  Here is a little peak.  Right now we are starting with one crib and then when we need to we will put up the other two.  Until then we will keep the bed in there for easier night time management for whoever is on duty.   As you can see the lighting was very different in these pictures, thanks to my fancy cell phone camera.  May need to upgrade the camera soon....

I'm not sure where I'm going to hang these cute bird pictures.  Lot's of blank wall space so I'm going to wait to see what looks best where once I find some other things for the walls.  Check out the artist on Etsy, she has really cute stuff:   Murray Designs

I got a good laugh the other day because someone found my blog by searching "not too girly nursery".  Sorry lady, this is clearly not the place for you.

Oh and I'm still getting huge.  Below is the latest progression shot.  Honestly a few inches bigger when I'm already this big doesn't even seem to show that much.  However the wrinkles in the shirt (or lack thereof) are quite telling.