Tuesday, May 1, 2012

6 months old, muwhahahaha

That's Brooks doing the evil laugh
Brooks, Irene, Anna
Last weekend was Double Decker in Oxford.  So fun (although at times I sort of felt like we needed to charge admission).  It was hot so we had to breakout the sunscreen and hats.
Flying Nun Brooks
With Meme at Double Decker
Uncle Sulli and the girls hanging out on Sunday morning after Double Decker.  What a natural!  Irene LOVED Sulli which says a lot because she is not a fan of a lot of people.

I truly cannot believe it has been 6 months.  Seems like just yesterday I was nervous, huge, and uncomfortable waiting on their arrival, and then delirious, relieved, and happy when I finally got to see those tiny faces.  Each phase seemed like it lasted forever during the pregnancy and those first few months, and now time is just flying by.


  1. i feel like there is a whole slew of hilarious captions that could be created for that first picture! they are adorable~

  2. Franny has on her matching outfit today!