Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Camera

Not only did I get my requested humidifier for my birthday (which, by the way, has really helped the sleeping situation), but Jack also surprised me with a new camera!!  He must have taken those subtle hints in previous blog posts about relying on my cell phone for all pictures.  We had a really nice birthday celebration at our house Friday night.  Some of our friends came over and Jack, with the help of his mom, cooked a great meal.  I remained on my usual spot on the couch but it was so nice to have all the company.

Before I get back to the camera - we had a great doctors appointment in Memphis yesterday.  I think the doctor and nurses were really surprised at how well everything looked.  Hopefully we can keep it up.  The girls are all gaining weight and approaching 2 lbs - in fact little Brooks measured just over 2 lbs.   I'm 26 1/2 weeks and counting.  Every week feels like a huge milestone now.

I have a lot to figure out on this camera, but I've been practicing with my current favorite subjects - the dogs.  I thought they deserved a little blog attention anyway, before there are new centers of attention in the house.

Name:  Ginger 
Age:  8 (almost 9) 
Sign:  Sagittarius 
Likes:  People (because she thinks she is one), eating toilet paper, walking (dragging us on the leash), having her butt rubbed, occasionally eating wood such as door frames, barking at anyone or anything that comes in the yard 
Dislikes:  Most other dogs, thunder, fireworks, any loud noise, being left outside 
Personality profile:  Ginger is serious; she is all business all the time.  Nothing gets by her.  She knows every word in the english language.  Perhaps she's a little too smart for her own good.  Some may call her anxiety ridden and neurotic, both of which would be very true. She has levels of death stares when she wants something - the picture above is a level 1.  The levels go up to 5, which is really intense.  She never gives up on anything - ever.  She spends most of her day on high alert for any potential threats. 
Why we chose Ginger:  We were just married and living in Oxford and on our way to a basketball game.  After eating lunch we saw a man with puppies in the back of his truck.  She jumped in our face for 10 minutes and we just had to have her.  She is totally high maintenance but we love her to death.   Look how cute she was as a puppy...
This next picture really sums up Ginger:
And now for Ginger's "touched up" photo as I experiment with editing:

Name: Maggie
Age:  4 1/2
Sign:  Aries 
Likes:  People, dogs, toys, cuddling, licking 
Dislikes:  None 
Personality profile: The opposite of Ginger.  Maggie is laid back doesn't have a care in the world.  She loves everybody and everything - one of those dogs that will lick and nudge you until you give her attention.  I'm not sure she knows any words.  Her M.O. is to roll on her back no matter what command you give her.   She spends most of the day sleeping on her back with her legs flailing around in the air.  The other day there was a stranger at the glass door and we found her whimpering and rolling on her back at the door with her tail wagging.  Very scary.
Why we chose Maggie:  again, Jack and I were having lunch with no intentions of getting a dog.  We saw a guy with puppies and Maggie was all curled up under a chair paying us no attention.  I really wanted her but we were going to say no - until some scary guys came up to look at her also.  I had a flash in my head of her chained in a yard with no food or water and I yelled across the parking lot that we would take her, before they could get any further with their transaction.   She was such a sweet puppy
This next picture pretty much sums up Maggie:
And Maggie's touch up:

If our dog rearing skills are any indication of our child rearing skills, we are in big trouble.

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  1. i mean does it get any better than a lab? as far as dogs go, i think not! they need to be friends with my minnie lou. she's nervous and laid back at the same time so maybe she'd be great friends with both of them! see you soon!