Friday, February 28, 2014

It's not you, it's me.

I'm too tired to blog.  There.  Life is really great right now, but REALLY exhausting.  More exhausting than when I had 3 babies?  In many ways, yes.  When I get that coveted free hour before I go to bed I prefer to lose myself in True Detectives or House of Cards instead of sit with the computer.

I used to be motivated to blog as a way to remember these days and remember our journey.  But now I capture that with my snippet emails to the email address I set up for the girls in the future (for those of you who are too lazy or exhausted to do a baby book or real journal, I highly recommend this method).

So I may blog more.  Or I may not.

I'll leave this post with a portion of a recent email I sent to the girls.  Mornings are hilarious and my favorite part of the day.  You walk in their room and you are immediately immersed in multiple really random conversations happening at the same time.  I took a recorder with me one morning and then tried to transcribe a few minutes so I could capture what these days are like.  Below is my transcription attempt - word for word  It really doesn't capture the true essence because it is actually simultaneous not singular as it is written, but gives you an idea.

(before I walk in)
All:  Oh mammmmmmmmmaaaa.  Oh mammmmmmmma.  Where are you??????
(open door)
I.  Hey Mommy!!!
A.  I want dadda.  I want dadda.  Where's dadda.  Dadda's at work?
B.  I want get down.  I want get down.  I want get dooooowwnnnnnnn!!!
I.  Turn it off Momma.  Turn it off Momma.  Turn it of Momma.  Turn it off Momma.  Turn it off Momma.  Turn it off Momma.  Turn it off Momma.  Turn it of Momma.  Turn off!  Turn off! (talking about the 3/4 noise makers).
I.  Turn that one off.  Now turn that one off.  Now turn that one off.
B.  I dropped passi!  I dropped passi!  Oh no, dog hair.  Clean it off.  Its dirty.  Yuck. It's dirty.  Clean it off.  Please?  Please? Please?  It's dog hair.
(Open closet door to get some clothes for the day).
I. I wear clothes mamma? 
B.  I wear pajamas today.
A.  No, I not want pajamas.
(I pick out clothes for the day).
A.  No, I not want those.  No, Anna not wear that.  Anna wear THAT (pointing at something else).
All:  Oh no, door open!  door open!  fix it!  Oh no, fix it momma! (When I accidentally leave door open).
I.  I want teetee potty.  No, I not want new diaper.  I want teetee pottyyyyyyyyy.
(go get her out of bed).
I:  No,  I want stay in bed.  I not get up.
(get her undressed and head to bathroom).
A & B:  I want teetee potty too!  I want teetee potty too! (this continues the entire time we are gone).
I.  I be right back girls.
(I on toilet)
I.  I want pole paper?  More pole paper?  More pole paper?  I flush it?  You flush it mamma?  I flush it mamma?  More pole paper mamma?  Not yet.  Not yet, right Momma?  Yeah, not yet.
(nothing actually ever comes out)
Me:  Good sitting on potty Irene, that's a big girl.
I:   No, I not big girl. I baby girl. Waahh, Wahh.  And Anna's a peanut, and Brooksie's a monkey.
A.  Yeah, I'm a peanut.  No, I'm not a peanut.  I'm a nugget.  Anna's a nugget.  I like purple.  I wear purple.  No, I wear blue.  No, I not wear blue.  That's cute.  No, I need new socks.  
B:  Shhhhhhh, Anna, Shhhhhhhhh.
I:  I got clothes on momma?  I go get milk.  I need elephant.  I need animals.  Okayyy.
B.  Irene?  Ireeeennnnne?  Ireennnnnnnnne?  Where are you?  You get milk Irene?
Me:  Brooksie, you ready to get up?
B:  No, I stay in bed.  NOOOO.  NOOOOO.  No thank you momma.
A:  Myturnmyturnmyturnmyturnmyturnmyturnmyturn
(I get Anna up repeat teetee potty situation with Anna)
A:  I not want cookie monster diaper.  I want diaper with elmo.  I want elmo.  I want elmo.  I want elmo. I no like cookie moster (in cookie monster voice).  I don't like those pants.  I want blue shirt.  No, I want pink shirt.  Anna likes pink.  Anna's a nugget.  Anna starts with A.  
B:  Anna, you like those pants?  You get dressed?  
(look over and B is inverted in crib)
B:  I poopoo momma.  I need new diaper.  It's wet.  It's dirty.  I need new diaper.  It's yucky.  
(try to get B up)
B:  No, I stay in bed. I'm upside down.  I'm a monkey.

That's about five minutes but pretty much represents what all waking hours are like these days.  Fun, but exhausting.