Saturday, July 30, 2011

This is How I Roll

The time has come.  The doctors have taken me off my feet and I'm a prisoner in my own home.  A prisoner with a laptop, ipad, kindle, android phone, multiple remotes, and a really nice husband trying very hard to take care of everything at the house, that is.  Sad, right?

This came a little earlier than I was hoping, but obviously I am happy to do anything that helps get the girls here safely.  In order to maximize my working at home abilities I purchased a nice "over the bed/couch" table (aka, hospital food table) which promptly arrived in two days, courtesy of Amazon Mom free two day shipping.  It took a little rigging up to get it to work, such as the couch sitting on bricks, but I think it will do.  Perhaps it will also cut down on the amount of food I spill on myself while eating my 10 meals a day on the couch.

Despite all the technology I have found a few other old-fashioned activities entertain me:
  1. Playing a game I call "catch the ice" which entails drinking water until I can snag a nice crunchy piece of ice to chew on.  With proper ice portions it is harder than it sounds and helps me get in the gallons of water I try to drink a day.
  2. Trying to convince Jack to let me take his blood pressure.  Taking mine three times a day has become stale.  I need some variety in life.
  3. Listening to Jack sing Queen, Bon Jovi, Mylie Cyrus, TI, Culture Club, or whatever random playlist he has picked out for cleaning the kitchen. (actually at the moment he is swiftering to "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me"....which almost beats the time 8 years ago when I came home to him vacuuming to "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy")
  4. Timing how long I can keep my new ice pack over my eyes.  Big upgrade from the frozen lima beans.  Also courtesy of Amazon Mom free two day shipping. 

I'm afraid my actual new favorite activity may be online shopping.

Just as a side note, the night after receiving the bedrest news I had a very vivid dream that I lived in 1950's Communist China.  Don't you think my brain was taking the news a little too far?  Or maybe it was just because I fell asleep reading Lisa See's Dreams of Joy, the sequel to our book club pick this month Shanghai Girls.

And now, my latest growth progress.
As you can see I put on a few lbs in 4 weeks.  I took the latest pic a week ago and I think it is already outdated.  I am frequently asked if I am due soon.  Or I overhear a gas station worker tell a patron "that girl bout to pop".  It is truly hard to imagine how much bigger I will get in the next 3 months!

The nursery is coming along.  It is painted, there is a crib, and curtains/crib skirts are underway.  Pictures to come in a few weeks.

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  1. you are cracking me up. let me know when you want a lunch delivery!