Monday, July 18, 2011

Line Judging

You know when you are in line in the grocery store and you can't help but do a little cart inventory of the person in front or behind you?  And depending on what you see maybe you pass a little judgement - stereotype them as a junk food junkie, a health nut, or just plain bizarre?  Don't deny it, you know you do that too.  I think I received a taste of my own medicine yesterday.

Yesterday's cart contents:

fruit loops
whole milk
cake frosting
black beans
juicy juice
ice cream
sour cream
US Weekly and People
not pictured:  artichoke

Just some things I thought I needed.  This is apparently what happens when I go to the grocery store without a list and without any real plans to cook, since that is not an activity I enjoy these days. 

I'm pretty sure people could look at me and reserve passing too much judgement, but I decided I needed to go sit in the car rather than wait in line, so any line judgers were probably not so forgiving to Jack.

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  1. a couple of mornings i've been watching the today show and chuckled thinking of you laying in bed with your ensure and straw!