Thursday, July 7, 2011


Relief #1:
We had really good doctor visits this week and the girls are all doing great.  I managed to remain relatively calm since our visit two weeks ago, but by the time we were driving to Memphis yesterday morning I started to get a little worked up with anxiety.  Jack can tell when I get like that because I only speak in one word sentences and stop talking about anything remotely fun.    I feel like a lot of people say "poor Jack" these days.  What is that about?

Babies A & B still have a small weight variance, BUT they grew equal amounts since last visit, which is awesome news.  The doctor seemed much less concerned.  Baby C, as usual, is just hanging out doing her thing.  All good news.  We are just taking it two weeks at a time until the next doctor visit.

Relief #2:
I am no longer living in fear of disgusting food commercials.  This is a good thing because I watch a lot of TV these days....actual TV with commercials, not just the DVR.  Whoever makes TV commercials for chain food restaurants is clearly not catering to early pregnant women.  I never noticed the absurd number of commercials that show up-close shots of non-appetizing food until I was in the fragile state of my first trimester.  Some days it was all I could do to make it through work and crash on the couch, only to be immediately confronted with this:
Or this:
Or possibly the worst, this:
Pay attention - it is like every other commercial.  I can laugh at it now, but it seriously would send me into hours of nausea.  Biggest offenders:  Applebees and Red Lobster, hands down. 

In other news, this little munchkin is coming to see me this weekend.  Very excited for some Frances time.  Just can't get enough.

Other than that, I'm just seeing how many paint and fabric samples it takes to push Jack over the edge.  I'm well into the double digits with no sign of him cracking yet.   Surely a person cannot have this much patience.  I figure this is a good test for what is to come. 
A view of one of the sample walls.


  1. how about some close up photos of those paint & fabric samples...and yes, i think jack is that patient. I honestly can not think of a better dad for 3 girls...except maybe my dad. or mitchell.

  2. I completely understand about the food, sadly I'm still in the boat of it looking gross and having no appetite. I keeping hoping I'll gain one soon.

    I love the paint & fabric samples! Can't wait to see what you decide.