Thursday, July 21, 2011

A good report, a dog scare, a hypocrite, a house, and a quote.

And....cue the time when you begin to understand the nonsense part of the blog name.

A Good Report
This part is not nonsense.  We had our visit with the specialist in Memphis yesterday and got another great report.  The girls are all growing and there is nothing causing the doctor any concerns as of now.  They did the anatomy exam and checked all the hearts, brains, kidneys, etc.  It was really fun to watch, but the girls are getting crowded in there.  I cannot imagine what it will be like in a few weeks.  You will be looking at one's head, and in the background you'll see four surrounding feet.   It looks like they are just clobbering each other, particularly Anna and Irene.

A Dog Scare
I arrived home from work today to find that the two crib boxes we are storing in the area where the dogs stay during the day had fallen over and Ginger was trapped behind them.  I'm not sure when it happened, but judging by the amount of cardboard she had eaten I would guess she had been there a while.  I'm pretty sure she was trying to squeeze past the boxes to look out the door and they somehow slid and fell over.  Luckily the laundry basket stopped the boxes from falling all the way to the ground, allowing her to have a little bit of room to move around and probably saving her from serious injury.

Here is a picture of the aftermath.  She was trapped on the far side by the door.
Poor Ginger.  She is already the most anxiety ridden dog that ever existed.  This probably did not help.  But at least she is okay!

A Hypocrite
A few weeks ago when asked about how I was going to decorate the girls' room I specifically said,  "I'm not sure.  I'm not really a girly-girl or a pink person.  Maybe I'll incorporate a little pink, but not very much."

Fast forward a few weeks.  I'm eating my words.  The evidence:  fabric I've purchased for their room.
 Just a little bit of pink in there.

 Speaking of pink, check out these cute monogrammed outfits from Honey (Jack's mom):
Honey and Meme (my mom) are already spoiling them.  I have lots of evidence.    

A House
The nursery project has caused flashbacks of moving into our house 7 months ago.  Feels like we have lived here much longer.  I figured before our house becomes a disaster of pink baby paraphernalia I should post pictures to remember what it looks like.  We really didn't have to do much to the house besides painting and cleaning, so there are no major DIY projects included here.

Below are a few select pictures.  All of the "before" pictures were taken when we were looking at the house, complete with renter furniture which adds a little to the dramatic effect (even the dogs in the "before" pictures belonged to the renters, they just happen to look like ours).  Most of the "after" pictures were taken with my cell phone so the quality sucks.

The Den:
 Den Before

Den After

Side Den/Breakfast Room:
 Side Den Before

 Side Den After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After (to be fair, nothing really different here.  Just a better shot)

Guest Bedroom:
Guest Room Before

Guest Room After

Guest Bathroom:
Guest Bathroom Before

Guest Bathroom After

Master Bathroom:
Master Bath Before
Master Bath After

Porch Before

Porch After

A Quote
If you have managed stayed with me through this post, I'd like to end with a quote from our niece Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth is Melanie's (Jack's sister) youngest child and she is a sweet, adorable, and funny 3.5 year old.  Melanie always points out Jack's office building when they drive past it in Memphis.  Today when they drove past Sarah Beth said "That is where Aunt Sage's boyfriend works".  She cracks me up.


  1. your dogs are probably starting to question your love. i mean after the fireworks and now this??

  2. Aunt Sage's boyfriend. Now that's pretty funny. Reminds me of Kat asking if I was Anna Ruth's daddy.


    Anna Ruth's husband.

  3. So glad things are going well! I love the fabric!

  4. Just today seeing the blog for the first time after several folks highly recommended it (and I had forgotten y'all were doing it).

    You and Jack are doing this together, right? Jack, I was highly impressed with your ability to relate to and empathize with 5 female personalitities in the first post.

    Speaking of, I think my response to Jack was something to the effect of "well, you're getting 3 birds with 1 stone. that's a good thing." i'm not sure what fictional character that would make me.

    Glad the dogs are okay.

    Thinking of the Nichols family, wishing Sage and the 3 girls the best of health, and looking forward to seeing y'all soon.