Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bye Week

This is a bye week for doctor visits, so not much to update on the babies.  Next week we'll make it up with an appointment on Wednesday in Memphis at the specialist and Thursday in Oxford at the regular obgyn.  In Memphis they'll primarily be looking at A&B to see how their growth is tracking.  Hopefully the small weight variance seen last week was just a fluke and they will both be tracking along well.  In Oxford we'll have the first glucose test thing.  I think I have to do that several times.

The last few weeks have been high growth in the belly area (as well as other areas - noticeably my face and arms).  I feel like I am HUGE, but then I realize that I am only 16 weeks.....I am going to be a spectacle by the end of this.
 This is how I look currently.  It is a bit more exaggerated sans shirt, but I won't subject you to that.
 I'm trying to take pictures every few weeks wearing the same shirt.  I like to judge my growth by the number of wrinkles in the material.

I'm finally able to think about the nursery and things like cribs, strollers, etc. without having a panic attack.  We have our first piece of furniture for the nursery and now I'm thinking about paint.

I think the dogs know something is up.  This will rock their worlds for sure.  More on them in another post.
They look at me all the time with this inquisitive look on their faces.  Or so I like to think.  They probably are just trying to tell me I forgot to feed them.

Speaking of the dogs, I must give a shout-out to Homeward Bound in Oxford.  They are awesome.  They took care of the dogs while we were at the beach and I'm so happy we tried that instead of boarding.  We've used them in the past for a day, but this was the first time for a longer trip.  When we got home the dogs seemed super relaxed rather than all freaked out from an adventure at the vet - and they had on cute bandanas and got a thorough report card for every single visit.  AND, they bring your in your mail, trash cans, alternate lighting and blinds/curtains, and you can add a service of watering your plants.  Since we aren't sure what the schedule will look like (and where we will be) during the time before and after the birth date, I'm glad to know Homeward Bound is an option to help out with Mags and Ging if needed.

Last Wed-Sunday we went to Florida with some of my family and I am so glad that the doctor let me go.  It was a very fun and relaxing time with the family and probably my last trip for a long time.  I think I could float in the water all day.  Anna Ruth blogged about our trip on her blog:  http://mccalleyfamily.blogspot.com


  1. thanks for the update. keep it up!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love to suck on those tits mum