Monday, June 20, 2011

Girl Power

After much speculation we found out the sexes of the babies today.....all GIRLS!   Jack is really in for it.  If he is lucky, they will all be really bossy like me.  It was so fun to see them on the sonogram and I love being able to use the word "she" instead of "it".

If you don't like alien-like pictures of babies in-utero, now would be the time to leave the blog. I just can't help posting these.  It is amazing, weird, and funny to see all three of them wiggling around on the sonogram.  I wish they could get a good shot of all three at the same time but that appears to be impossible.

Introducing Baby C, the Yogi.  Look at that posture!  She is in a deep meditative state.  I think it is because her sisters are boxing down below.

Babies A and B were little wiggle worms today.  And Baby B might be the attention seeker (like her Aunt Anna Ruth) because every time they tried to take a picture of Baby A solo, Baby B would suddenly jump in the shot.  We had a hard time getting a good shot of both because they are so close together!

In this one they are face to face.  You can see Baby B pretty well and Baby A is in the background.  Jack thinks they look like him (hmmm....maybe the big heads?). 

They are back to front in this one.  I'm really not sure who is who.  Probably won't be the last time that is the case.

Other than that everything looks pretty good.  I'm 15 weeks and look much bigger than that.  There is a small concern right now about babies A&B and whether they may have the early signs of a condition where they do not get equal amounts of nutrients.   Hopefully that is not the case and when we go back for monitoring there will not be an issue.  For now we are just saying lots of prayers for all 3 and are so thankful that we have great, smart, and capable doctors that are keeping a close eye on everything!

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