Thursday, July 19, 2012

Put it in a Bottle

If I could bottle up a weekend to replay sometime in the future, I think I would choose last weekend.  First of all, it was not unbearably hot.  Second of all, we had no big plans or events.  I love to walk.  And I love my babies.  And I love food.  And I really love when all three are combined.

Friday night we walked up to South Depot Taco Shop and sat on the patio with the girls.  Saturday morning we walked to the farmers market and hung out for a while.  Then I had a massage (not a relaxing one, it hurt, but good and needed).  We played with the girls and they spent a lot of time jumping.  Saturday night we had a pajama party (pics below).  Throughout the weekend we cooked and ate.  A lot.




Say "cheese"

Irene thinks Brooks is so funny

Pajama Party

I'm a little too in love with food.  Always have been.  And now I'm in love with taking pictures of food while trying to figure out how to better work my camera.
Some of the goods from this week's crop share and the farmer's market.

Tomato basil sauce

Margherita Pizza

Eggplant fries, pizza, salad

Fajitas with homemade salsa, guac, and chicken marinated in an onion/lime/honey/garlic concoction.  

Part of this meal included a roasted squash and eggplant dish that turned out really good.

I love toasted pimento cheese with Wickles and fresh tomatoes

Unfortunately our lovely weekend was followed by a trip to the doctor for shots.  Seems like we've spent our life at the doctor in June and July with 9,000 ear infections.  Brooks is getting tubes Monday.  Anna just finished antibiotics for her second (recent) ear infection and we discovered Irene has (another) double ear infection while at the check-up.

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