Monday, July 30, 2012

Always Learning

Things I've learned so far from the Olympics:
1) The guy on the synchronized diving team from Mexico has one of the most impressive manicured unibrows I have ever seen.  But I think he may have cleaned it up before the medal ceremony because this pic does not do it justice.

2) I LOVE watching gymnastics but I am so distracted by the commentators.  I can't decide whether they are hilarious or just make me mad.  Maybe as a former gymnast I just don't take their criticism very well.
3) Bob Costas needs a new makeup artist.

Things I learned from a super fun weekend at the lake with high school friends:
1) It is not really a successful girls lake weekend until someone falls in the water in the dark (sorry Meg B)
2) Dance Party USA never gets old.  However "old" does come to mind when the coffee table is full of water bottles instead of beer cans at 2 am when the dance party is over.
3) If your lights go out on the boat, 8 cell phones held high up in the air are just as good.
4) It is amazing how much you can love 48 hours of lake, sun, boat, food, drinks, and friends.  My cheeks hurt from laughing.
5) Equally amazing is how much you can love your kids AND your family who volunteers to keep them so you can have some time away.
6) We all agreed - thank GOD facebook, texting, and other social media outlets did not exist when we were in high school.  We just had plain old dial up AOL chats back then.

I was too busy having fun to take pics.  Plus there is an unspoken "no pic on the internet unless approved" rule from a girls trip.  But Anna Ruth put cute pics of all the kiddos on her blog.

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