Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh Hospital Tree, Oh Hospital Tree

Remember when I was SO BORED on bedrest in the hospital that I literally started counting how many leaves turned brown each day on the tree outside my window?  That post was appropriately named "Things I Don't Understand".  How prophetic.

Anyway, yesterday we took Anna to Memphis for a follow up Dr. appt.  We were at the hospital where I resided before the girls arrived.  As we drove in I realized that I was looking at MY tree, all full and green.  Weird to think there is someone else in that room looking out at that tree now.  We also got to visit some of the people who took care of me in the hospital and a few of the NICU nurses.  One of the nurses we visited took care of Anna a lot, especially at the end of her stay, so it was really great to see her.

My lovely tree.  I was the second floor window at the end.  Memories.
A few other pics from our day in Memphis
The future Dr. Anna Nichols
Fun lunch with the Beckhams

 My little drama queen LOVED having all of our attention to herself all day.

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