Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I Don't Understand

Before I get to the pointless discussion, a quick baby update.  We are at 31 weeks 3 days.  Things are going well and all the babies are looking healthy.  I'm starting to learn what contractions feel like and usually have some every day, but nothing they aren't able to stop with medicine if needed.

My food situation is much better and I'm back on an almost normal diet with the ability to have food brought in from the outside.  The ladies from "dietary" know me as the girl who likes cheese.  This is because next to everything I mark on my menu I write "add cheese! :)".  I think the smiley face does the trick.

I'm sorry the weather has been so awful for all of you lately.  75 degrees and sunny must be tough to face every day.   But don't worry about me.  There is a tree outside my window and I like to count the number of leaves that have turned brown each day.  It's fascinating....seasons changing right before my eyes.  Much better than actually experiencing the weather physically, really.

Here is my tree.  Unfortunately it is hard to see through the window and blinds with the camera.  But there are about 50 brown leaves today and there were only 5 on Sunday.

On to things I don't understand:

1.  The lady who ran the marathon at 39 weeks pregnant and then had her baby
More power to her, I guess.  Maybe I'm just jealous because I couldn't run two miles before I got pregnant and now I get winded just by heaving myself out of bed.  I cannot even imagine how or why she did that.  She doesn't even look like she just ran a marathon OR like she just gave birth.  Anna Ruth - please do not get any ideas for the future.

2.  The person who found my blog by Googling "90 year old butts"
Per my google stats, someone googled that phrase and it led them to my blog.  Whomever you are:  Did you find what you were looking for?  And what were you looking for exactly? Is this a fetish?  Are you approaching 90 soon and want to know what you can expect?  I really, really need to know more.  Being a good investigator, I had to google it myself.  Interesting results in the images...not what you would expect. 
Like this:

And this:

3.  Why PetsMart is selling crochet dog toys by Martha Stewart
Apparently these have been out for a while but I am just now aware of their existence.  Maybe all the other dogs in the world aren't like ours who completely destroy their toys within minutes - heads torn off, limbs removed, and stuffing strewn all over the house.  I saw an ad on TV that promoted the intricate stitching of these toys.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say these are a huge waste of money.

4. How anyone in their right mind can stand this Sonic commercial
No explanation needed.  As soon as that "weeellllll" starts I go insane.

Now you know what I spend all my time thinking about.  Please still be my friend.


  1. Here is something I don't understand. Why does your blog never recognize me?! It's driving me nuts! Looking forward to seeing you sunday!


  2. Hi- my name is Sara Manucy and a good friend of mine is neighbors with Catherine Laurenzi. She forwarded me your blog and I cannot tell you the enjoyment my husband and I have gotten out of it. I am 24 weeks with triplet boys and have anointed you as my triplet pregnancy guru. I cannot thank you enough for capturing this experience so vividly. I look forward to your future postings.
    Congrats on 31 weeks! I hope you are felling well. Thanks again!

  3. Hey-I found your blog from my friend Malia. You just made me laugh out loud about someone googling "90 year old butts" and coming to your blog. That is seriously one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. Malia says tomorrow is your D-day so good luck!!