Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Burger Chef

Today Jack made me eat Handy Andy for lunch.  Which meant I had to get a hamburger (b/c IMHO I think they make the best in town), which meant french fries, which meant honey mustard for dipping, which meant a coke.  I did show some restraint skipped banana pudding.

Why am I telling you this?  Because it reminded me that 10 days ago I made seriously the best burger EVER.  I would have won a competition for sure.

garlic and cilantro patty (grilled by Jack)
gruyere melted on top
avocado on top AND bottom
fresh tomato
roasted garlic aioli
caramelized onions

It was unreal.


  1. I WANT THIS BURGER NOW! Seriously, my stomach just growled. You must tell me more during our bracelet making session tonight!

  2. man, i love some handy andy! but that burger looks pretty good too!

  3. I went to Handy Andy for lunch last week and ordered a cheeseburger. Now I know why/how I was subconsciously influenced... I had read this blog post a few days before. I think I have to agree that Handy Andy is the best burger in town. It was darn good. And your burger? HOLY MOLY!