Monday, October 3, 2011

The Big 3-0 (weeks, that is)

This is a picture-less post because I just took a shower and that is so exhausting that I cannot put effort into anything else for hours. 

Today I am 30 weeks!  Even though we still have a few weeks to go, this is a very exciting milestone.  I've been in the hospital for exactly two weeks.  Time is going by very slow but we are just taking it one day at a time. 

The girls are doing well.  We are thankful for each day that we can keep them where they are.  Baby A (Anna) does have some slight growth issues and this is the primary thing that they are watching every day (her estimated weight is just over 2 lbs, Irene and Brooks right around 3 lbs). Modern technology is amazing.  They do daily heartbeat monitoring which entails multiple straps around my huge stomach and is quite a feat to get all babies to stay on there for 30 minutes at the same time.  I also have daily sonograms with Biophysical Profiles.  They look at all kinds of things like cord flow, fluid, and things around/in the heart and brain.  All of these factors help give the doctor an overall trend that indicates how all the babies are doing.  If at any point these trends start to show anything of concern, then he will be able to identify it and we'll figure out next steps.  For now, we just keep doing what we are doing.

I, of course, like to pretend I am a doctor and learn all of the medical terms they use in the sonogram.  I am sure they love it when I ask how the Ductus Venosus is looking or if the cord doppler ratio is above 4.

Oh wait- I lied, I do I have picture.  Sortof.  People always ask the position of each baby.  As best I can tell it is something like this, but they are much more on top of each other than this indicates.  When they move it is hard to tell who is who because they are all intwined.  But they do each have a favorite area to beat up so I know for sure who it is.  Anna's organ of choice is my bladder.  Irene prefers to just punch my belly button directly and make her presence very visibly known.  Brooks is all about the ribs and she reminds me that breathing does not always come easy.
 A guess at where the babies hang out.  (Anna and Irene are the twins and share an "area")

For those of you concerned about the food situation, it is MUCH better.  My blood sugar is fairly under control.  I've figured out I can order grilled cheese, taco salad, and chicken fingers for pretty much any lunch or dinner.  Much more appealing than baked chicken and salisbury steak.  Reminds me of my favorite cafeteria food days at Crestline Elementary. 


  1. Yay for 30 weeks!!!!! Hard to believe time is going by so fast when it feels like it is crawling. I have been thinking about you & the girls all the time. It's great news to hear you are fairings well and they are doing well too! Lately iy feels like Zoey's favorite place to be is on my bladder as well; not the best feeling at all. I feel like she thinks it's her personal toy to yank and pull on at anytime.

    I'm SO glad the food situation has gotten better! I know that has to help the situation go easier. On a side note, I had no idea there was more than one Crestline Elementary in Alabama!! I went to Crestline Elementary too!

  2. 30 wks is HUGE! Glad the girls are staying put for the time being. I like the comparison to the lunchroom at Crestline. Remember those rolls? BEST.THINGS.EVER. Although, I have to admit, the first thought I had was when I ordered pizza (that was square cut from a HUGE 3ftx3ft square) and it had one of the lunch lady's fake finger nails on it. gross.

  3. You are doing great!! I love reading your blog and getting updates. You crack me up!! I would cry too if that chicken had come to my room! Can't wait to meet your precious girls- get ready jack!