Monday, October 17, 2011

Warning: this image may not be appropriate for the eyes of all readers...

...because I'm officially enormous. 

Granted, there are close to 11 lbs of babies in there and who knows how much fluid and other bodily things to go along with each one.  We've made it to 32 weeks.  Now the goal is to get to 34 and see where to go from there.  I have high hopes we can do it.  Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?  That would help.  If you have never had an extended stay in the hospital, I will tell you that time goes by at half the rate of normal time.  Last weekend Mom, Anna Ruth, and Frances came to keep me company.  That kept me entertained worked as a time machine of sorts.  Frances is still the cutest thing ever and she charmed everyone who came in the room.

The girls are all still doing well.  Irene and Brooks are weighing in at at estimated 4 lbs each and little peanut Anna is weighing in at an estimated 2 lbs 10 oz.  While she's small, she is growing and all of her daily testing looks pretty good, so we are very happy with the progress.  

That's all for now.  I have important things to get back switching which side I'm laying on in the hospital bed and watching Gossip Girl.


  1. We really need to have a talk about trash TV soon.

  2. It drives me nuts that I can't post as me!! I cannot figure out what the deal is! Dang new computer! anyways! You look amazing and I'm so glad the girls are doing good! Can Sullivan and I come visit you Saturday morning? Let me know how your schedule looks!


  3. i'll be in memphis on friday and am happy to bring outside world food, magazines and come for a visit if you are up for it!!

  4. Sage! You look great!! Congrats on making it to 32 weeks. Not much longer. :)