Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Embarrassing Moment at My New Residence

So I have new digs.  I'm now located in the antepartum unit of Baptist Hospital in Memphis until delivery.  Fun.   Obviously I'm sad not to be at home any more, but they want to keep a close eye on all of the babies from here on out. 

It's not that bad.  Nice hospital, big room, and pleasant staff.  Wireless internet and of course I have all my gadgets to keep me entertained.  Plus, it is just a few miles from Jack's office so that is really convenient.  I had all of these grand plans that he would bring me good food all of the time.  And, this unit gets special food privileges of ordering whatever you want at any time from "the grill" -  like sandwiches, pizza, milkshakes, etc.  So I thought the gross hospital food would not be an issue.  Perfect, since food is way up there on the list of important things for me.

Enter the 3 hour glucose test starting at 5 am this morning.  Who the hell created that thing anyway?  Is there not a better way?  Well I fail it miserably.   And all my dreams of good food go straight down the toilet.

How bad can it be, right?  I had ordered a grilled cheese for lunch today when I put in my menu selections yesterday - surely they would still bring it but on wheat bread or something.  After going all morning without a snack and thinking I was going to die of starvation, my lunch finally arrives.  The lady leaves, I open the top off the plate.....and what do I see?
Are you freaking kidding me?  Baked chicken with peas and carrots???  GROSS and UNACCEPTABLE.    So like any mature 32 year old I immediately start crying.  Just for the record I do not cry often - I have cried maybe 3 times this entire pregnancy.  I don't cry over the major stuff, I just take that in and deal with it.  (One time I cried because we ordered supreme pizza instead of cheese and another time because Jack came home snowcone-less because he did not have cash).

So here I am bawling crying and in walks the Chaplain to introduce herself.  She thinks I have just received some kind of devastating news and is trying to coax out of me what is wrong.  I'm sure she is preparing all of her greatest lines for whatever horror I have endured.

So when I can finally speak, I wail out "I don't like peas and carrots.....I wanted a grilled cheese!" - cue the tears to start again.

Then we had a great laugh over it.  She was extremely kind and while I'm sure in her head she was thinking she has a total lunatic on her hands, she didn't show it.


  1. food is always important especially when you're pregnant and i imagine that it's even more important when you are having triplets! good luck to you during your hospital stay!

  2. tell jack to get his booty to holiday ham and bring you that pimento cheese you like! that can't be too high in sugar! thinking of you and hoping the time goes by swiftly!

  3. Aw, you poor thing! Maybe the Chaplin will smuggle you in something too :)

  4. Well I'm sure there is some very fine restaurant somewhere between you and Jack (or near Jack) like Houston's that can probably make kicking grilled cheese. Reminds me of our first baby, Jon O. Elizabeth had him at West Paces Ferry Hospital in Atlanta, which is right next door to the OK Cafe. Believe me, she expected every meal from there during her delivery stay.

    Hope you guys are doing well. Let us know if you need anything.


  5. I LOVE your blog. I'm sorry you're stuck in the hospital with gross food. It may be time to develop a fondness for steaks. Start ordering the most expensive proteins you can think of.

  6. The sight of those peas and carrots made me want to vom.

  7. Become friends with the dietitian & she'll get you the good food (within reason). She'll be checking your chart at least weekly anyway.

  8. If you are stuck there at least steal all those big ol panties. Ask Susan. They are awesome.

  9. Corinne kept telling me about the big panties. They are da bomb. Wore mine til they literally fell apart. :)


  10. Agh, I spent two months at home on bedrest then a month at Baptist Women's in Memphis in 2010 before my little girl was born. I think I'm finally able to laugh about it but this post brought some vivid images back! Like *knock knock* "DI'Tary!", the crusy mini-towels, the shower you're afraid to touch, Teds, announcements about the cafeteria, compression noises from the bed, and I too, cried in front of the chaplain. I think it was over the salsbury steak though.
    It's worth it in the end! You're girls are precious...!
    -Mary Elizabeth (Buntin) Kirkpatrick