Sunday, September 18, 2011

Going on 28 weeks pregnant and 90 years old

The girls are going through a growth spurt right now which is clearly reflected in the size of my stomach.  Here is the latest progression shot.

 I'm so excited to be at the 28 week mark.  Hopefully these babies will stay put for another six weeks or so. We are getting close....crazy to think that we will have 3 kids soon!  While I am well aware that we are having triplets, it hasn't really sunk in and is difficult to imagine what life is going to be like when we get them home.  I know it will be hard at times and chaotic, but we are ready for the adventure and know it will be full of joy also.  I stalk some other triplet blogs sometimes and find their posts about what it is like when they get all the kiddos home.  Then that overwhelms me and I immediately close down the blog.  I also have several books that I could be reading about having babies in general, and some that deal with multiples.  I really should read those.....but for some reason I just like to leave them nicely stacked under the coffee table.  We can wing it, right?   Right???

One thing I know is that I'll need to kick my 90-year-old-acting butt into gear.  I've become keenly aware of how much I have in common with the elderly (no offense to my population of elderly readers out there).  So much so that I've started documenting all the similarities.
  1. I use an over the couch hospital table, where I take all my meals and keep all my valuable belongings.
  2. I drink Ensure (although I'm cutting back) with a flexi-straw. 
  3. The highlight of my week, and the only time I leave my house, is my weekly doctor appointment.  I make sure my hair is washed and everything.  Maybe even put on a little lip gloss and my best Old Navy XL v-neck shirt.
  4. I bum rides from kind friends to and from the doctor's office.
  5. I wheeze.  Not just a little, a lot.  Even when I'm idle I sound like I'm taking my last breath of air ever.
  6. When I do get up to move around I make a noise that indicates I'm lifting a car off the ground rather than just lifting myself off the couch.
  7. I frequently talk about the potential benefits of a bedpan.
  8. I let Jack or my mom know when I get in and out of the bathtub (refer back to #6 for what the sound of me getting out of the tub might sound like, and multiply it by 10). I'm just a few steps away from a Life Alert.
  9. Not only do I watch "Wheel of Fortune" every night, but I am now watching episodes I've already seen.  And I constantly bitch about when the Wheel will start a new season.
  10. I sometimes find myself yelling "I want my juice!!!!"  even when I know we are out (okay maybe this is more like a 3 year old....given that my juice of choice is Berry flavor Juicy Juice).
There are some other things I would include in this list, but it would embarrass Jack.  (For those Byrd family members, just think about our joke "Excuse me Jack".)

Speaking of - while I am writing this, Jack is trying to figure out how to put a new battery in our dead car.  He is watching something on YouTube called "Automotive Advice for Women".  The battery is not fixed yet, but he did find some awesome work glasses to help his effort.
**UPDATE** - Jack successfully fixed the car.  Then he ran around the house singing We Are the Champions.  Then he painted my toenails for me.


  1. It's hard to believe you are almost at the 30 weeks mark! I'm glad to here the girls are doing great. I know y'all will do great once they get here; although I cannot imagine bringing 3 home.

  2. Yaaaay for 28 weeks! You are doing an amazing job! I love your list! I remember getting so excited when my husband brought home a pillbox with the days of the week on it to organize all my meds and vitamins. Lol! Don't worry about what it will be like when you bring the babies will make it....because you just have to! And then you will somehow make it to a year and those first few months will be a blur! :)

  3. LOL I have someone to stalk now. I hope you keep writing I am six weeks these three will make nine.