Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013

I feel like Christmas was just yesterday, but apparently it was almost four weeks ago.  Or so says the calendar.  It was really wild and fun this year.  Lot's of family time and a good break from work.

I've posted some of my favorite pics below.  While I captured many moments, thank goodness I did not capture moments from the Christmas Eve church service.  Those precious moments are reserved purely for the memories of us and the other fortunate (unfortunate?) parishioners.  Normally the girls go to the nursery but I decided to bring them into the service for Christmas.  It was about what you would imagine bringing three two-year-olds into a quiet church service for an hour and a half.  We should have had a better game plan.  When the first child had to be removed, we did not have a plan for the person left with the other two (one who was distraught the first one left and one who did not want to leave).   Let's just say thank goodness for a sweet friend who came to my rescue and another sweet friend who tolerated objects being hurled from our pew to hers, including a passie to the eye of her child.

I was able to take off work the day before Christmas Eve to spend at home with the girls.  We had fun with cookies and play-doh and were finally able to wear some cute Christmas aprons given to us when the girls were born by a family member.

Christmas morning was a blast.  

We had a great family Christmas in Memphis before Christmas and Birmingham after Christmas.  Meme and Grump were kind enough to keep the girls in Birmingham for an extended stay while we went on a little vacation.