Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Confessions of a (former) Box Hoarder

It has been almost three years since the intervention.  Anna Ruth grabbed me square by the shoulders and said "listen to me!  you are a hoarder!  you need help!".  Then she slapped me.*   It was Christmas time and the snow was falling in Mississippi.*  Anna Ruth discovered what I had been hiding in my guest room closet.  Boxes...and boxes....and more boxes....and tissue paper....and more tissue paper....and more tissue paper.  Once the cat was out of the bag, I showed her the other hiding spot in the garage.  HUNDREDS of boxes of all shapes, sizes, and possible uses.  It was true.  I was a box hoarder.  Every time I received a gift or a package in the mail (every day) I would save the box and think "this would be a PERFECT box for X gift or Y storage".  The only problem is they were never used, only collected.  If I bought someone a gift, I had it gift wrapped.  On the rare occasion I did not have it gift wrapped I would not use a box because I might need it in the future for something else.

With the support of Anna Ruth, I decided to stop the madness.  She came to my house and helped me clean them all out but not before we took some photographic evidence.  She let me keep a few.  I would even try to sneak to the throw out pile and take some back, but she caught me.

To this day, every time I get a box in the mail (which currently is about 10 deliveries a week of baby crap) I think of its possibilities.  And then I shed a tear* and put it in the recycle bin.

* slight exaggerations

A few select memories.....

these were some of my favorites

The two bags on the right are full of small boxes

bags of tissue and bubble wrap

like I was going to reuse this?
You get the picture.

Now with all of the diapers, formula, wipes and baby food this is what a typical delivery day looks like.  Can you imagine if I was still hoarding???


  1. I'm sooo glad I'm not alone! I have no telling how many gift bags from wedding and baby showers that I have under the bed waiting to be used for that special person. Oh wait, that never happens! Thankfully I now get rid of all the shipping boxes; because like you, I get something in the mail once a week if not more.

    I think we need to start a support group!

  2. I recently donated a large amount of gift bags to goodwill. I hope they will be put to good use. I actually kept the tiny box our FNCUniversity keychain came in...because it might be perfect for some jewelry to be wrapped in at Christmas. crazy sauce.

  3. Ha! Susan, that box is sitting in my desk drawer. Of course it's the perfect siz for jewelry.

  4. Ahhhh don't you feel good for making a public decree about your former hoarding-self.....you seem to have forgotten about all the random tupperware and take-out containers that I had to intervene on as well.

  5. Can Anna Ruth come to my house and help me with Audrey?

  6. Nice box hoarder. I like this information very much.