Monday, September 24, 2012

My so-called (pinterest) Life

Because I need one more place to spend my time, I love to play around on Pinterest.  Now if someone could come up with an app that teaches you how to actually get off of your ass and do all the things you pin on pinterest, that would be a real winner.

My pinterest life is a fairy tale.  I eat lots of goat cheese and quinoa and wear really awesome boots and scarves.  I have the perfect handbag and hair for every occasion.  I garden and label all of my herbs with wine corks.  I spend my time organizing things I didn't even know could be organized.  Everything has its perfect place in my tidy and labeled drawers and cabinets.  I create cute holiday crafts and home-make my Christmas cards. I have endless cute activities planned for the kids and I am full of meaningful and insightful quotes.

Just another holiday craft
My greenhouse

Knob necklace organizer

Christmas decor
Endless quinoa recipes
healthy fried zucchini
The herb garden
So organized!

It is almost comical how opposite my real life is from my Pinterest life.  In the last 24 hours of my real life:  I have eaten pimento cheese for 5 meals in a row, I wouldn't have changed out of my pajamas except for the fact I've been puked on a few times, finding a pair of scissors or AA batteries for one of the 5,000 toys on the floor of the playroom is damn near impossible due to all of the crap in my kitchen drawers, my ferns haven't been watered for weeks and are only surviving (barely) because the occasional wind and rain combined has blown some drops on them, last week's laundry is still stacked in the basket on the floor next to the continuously unmade bed, my purse is so old that I recently discovered a hole in the lining with 5 lost lip glosses hidden down there, and the last six weeks of mail is stacked on the coffee table waiting for my attention.  Seriously - I just tried to count the things in this room that are out of place and I lost track because the count got so high.

I guess that is why Pinterest is so successful - it gives you an escape from chaos into an organized, healthy, and stylish world.

I completely love my chaos but after the girls go to bed I also love to drink wine and live in My so-called (pinterest) Life.  Maybe some day I'll start working on some of those projects.  Until someone comes up with that get off your ass app I think I'll just browse and pretend.


  1. I find it best to look at pinterest in the hours directly before a kroger trip. That's the only way I've accomplished what i have. Oh, and I find you very Pinteresting.

  2. I think we could be best friends. haha!I am the SAME way!

  3. I am guessing you have lots of cutely and cleverly decorated, yet useful, mason jars in your pinterest fantasy as well.

    ... oh, and i am sure that you have turned oversized t'shirts into something cool? Then, and only then, have you ARRIVED ...