Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Safety Pins

This is what my den looks like on a good day.

In all of this mess, the one thing I pointed out tonight is that the safety pins (which I put on the top of the curtains when we moved in) are showing and look bad.  I'm sure that is the first thing people see.

Last weekend was relaxing and fun.  Jack and I were both home and just stayed around the house with the girls.  We read some books and put them in the bumbos.  And we are working on cutting out the 2 am feeding.  Tonight is night 6 of the effort - we feed them at 10 pm and try to get them to go all the way to 6 or 6:30 am.  We are making progress and last night all three made it.  Hopefully we will get there soon - it will make a huge difference in life around here.

They are really starting to pay attention to pictures and colors.
Brooks....still quite spunky.  Sits with ease in the bumbo, flips over stomach to back, and just wants to be in the middle of everything.  She is a determined little thing and is so funny to watch try to get something or do something she wants.
Anna...might be the drama queen.   She is the big smiler these days - HUGE responsive smiles, but in the blink of an eye she will poke her bottom lip out.  I like to think she takes after aunt Anna Ruth ("daaaaaaddddd my legs huuuuurt."  Sorry ARM - when Carolyn was visiting we said that every time Anna fussed).
Irene...would rather be sleeping.  Sweet, sweet, laid back girl.  She is our saving grace sometimes.  But she does have a great set of lungs when she's mad.


  1. I love the part about Anna Ruth saying "my legs hurrrrrt!" So funny, because Wright sometimes "cries" without any tears, just like his mother Lauren used to do. We talk about it all the time. What would we do without sisters? I sort of can't imagine Alice not having a sister...did I say that out loud? Must be the exhaustion :)

  2. Hi! I have followed your blog as my daughter was born a few days before yours. She was 35 weeks and 3 lbs 14 oz due to iugr. I am wondering how you dropped feeds and ensured the girls were still gaining weight? I really want to drop a feed (we are still doing 7/day!) but am nervous she won't eat more at the remaining feeds. She isn't the greatest eater to start with...

    1. We first started increasing food during all the other feedings by about a half ounce and started decreasing the 2 am feeding around the same time. We did that for a week or two gradually before we stopped the 2 am totally. We are also at the pediatrician enough that their weights get checked a lot!

  3. Hello! My husband and I feel like stalkers of your blog, but you see, we started following your blog when I found out I was pregnant with triplets and you were a month ahead of me. It helped to read what you were going through so I knew what was on the horizon for me. Our triplets arrived on 11.22.11 and what an adventure it is. Anyway, I'd love to either email you or talk over the phone to get some advice on a couple things as, like the pregnancy, you guys have already tried some things that we'd love to accomplish soon! My email is julieawaskey@yahoo.com. We love your blog...cracks us up! We too have a blog - http://www.instantlyoutnumberedinva.blogspot.com/. Hope to hear from you!

    Julie & Chris Waskey
    Williamsburg, VA