Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 babies, 3 months

The girls are three months old today.  All three are doing great.  Growing, starting to smile, and finding their voices.  We still feed them every four hours but nights are starting to get much better.  For the most part they are sleeping in their cribs pretty well between the feedings.  We have at least one or two issues a night but that is WAY better than where we were a month or even two weeks ago.

People ask me a lot what a normal day is like.  First of all, there is no normal.  Every day brings a few surprises.

In a perfect world 24 hours would look like this:
(and when I say bottles I also mean everyone eats in 20 mins, burps immediately, no spit up, and happily waits their turn)

6 am - wake up and have bottles
7 am - sit in bouncy chairs and happily stare at the toys for a while
8-10 am - nap
10 am - bottles
11 am - play on mat
12 - 2 pm - nap
2 pm - bottles
3 pm - a little more chair playtime, possibly a walk
4-5 pm - nap
5 pm - a little awake time, maybe a bath
6 pm - bottles
7 -10 pm - sleep in cribs
10 pm - bottles
11- 2 am - sleep in cribs
2 am - bottles
3 - 6 am - sleep in cribs

In the real world, 24 hours looks more like this:
(and when I say bottles I also mean somebody won't eat, somebody poops in the middle of their's, lots of spit up, and somebody has to wait and is MAD)

6 am - wake up and have bottles
7 am - sit in bouncy chairs....2 out of 3 do not think this is a good plan
8-10 am - nap...maybe
10 am - bottles.  At least one would rather sleep through bottle because of refusal to nap previously.
11 am - play on mat/cry on mat
12 - 2 pm - least one usually agrees to this
2 pm - bottles
3 pm - 6 pm - At this point all bets are off.  Everyone may be happy, everyone may fuss, or a mixture of both.   I will stop at nothing to entertain them during this time.
6 pm - bottles
7 -10 pm - sleep in cribs...maybe
10 pm - bottles
11- 2 am - sleep in cribs....maybe
2 am - bottles
3 - 6 am - sleep in cribs....maybe

So that is what I do all day!  It is a little hectic but I'm getting the hang of it.  There are times where I am in tears and times when I think everything could not be better.  I don't do it alone when Jack is not here.  During the month of January either my mom, Jack's mom, or my sister has been here to help. Starting tomorrow we have a wonderful lady that will be helping us every week day.  Soon I will start back to work at the office...will be a big adjustment!

Here are some recent pics

New favorite activity in the afternoon. The mild weather lately has been great.  
Anna and Irene.  Fascinated with the ball.
Magic swings.  This is where the fussy babies get to hang out.  Anna left and Brooks right.
Jack's mom, Honey.  Brooks left, Anna middle, Irene right
My mom, Meme.  Brooks left, Irene middle, Anna right
My dad, Grump, feeding Irene
Fun Saturday visit from some of the Wadlingtons.  Anna with Ford, Carrie with Anna, Jack with Irene and Brooks
Ford meeting Brooks
Ford and the girls having playtime
Irene and Brooks
Anna and Irene
Irene and Anna


  1. This is amazing! Congratulations on surviving 3 months! WOW

  2. They are precious, Sage. And I know you have got to be completely whacked out on tired and happy. On-on! The sleep part keeps getting better and then everything seems more manageable!