Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of November??

I have no idea where the month of November went.  I feel like I am living in a time warp!  I am starting to get back to a few normal adult things which is helping to bring me back to the real world.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store for the first time since JULY.  I think I wouldn't hate the grocery so much if I could always go on a Monday morning instead of Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut, also the first since July.  Jack says he can tell I'm getting back to my normal self because I am bossing him around.  And I am suddenly motivated to decorate for Christmas.  Three new babies or not, I will be getting into the holiday spirit.

I am sorry to report that we are now in the category of parents who do annoying things like talk about baby poop or breast feeding ad nauseum.  Trying to put a cap on that when talking to people outside of ourselves.  Without going into detail we even celebrated a baby going to the bathroom the other day.  Really, we celebrated (even though it was disgusting and Jack had to change it because I started dry heaving).  It reminded us of the time when Ginger was a puppy (about 9 years ago) and she ate a tube sock, and after 5 days finally puked it up on our white bedspread in the middle of the night.  We just about busted out the champagne.  (after reading that paragraph, you can add throw up to the list of annoying topics that we talk about now).

And before I leave gross topics, please look at the picture below.  That is a THERMOMETER.  How scary is that?  Jack got it at Walgreens and calls it the Honey Badger.  We have several thermometers that are normal looking but this is the one that doesn't go in the mouth or under the arm.  Jack threatens our kids with it.

Last week we had a great Thanksgiving with some visitors.  Anna Ruth is much better at taking and downloading pictures than I am, so for new pics of the girls and an update on Thanksgiving go visit her blog:  mccalleyfamily.blogspot.com

BIG NEWS - we are hoping that Anna is coming home Thursday or Friday this week!  She is now over 4 lbs and is doing well with her feedings, which are the two main criteria.  Thank you so much for all the prayers about the situation with her brain hemmorage/IVH.  They have been monitoring it and while it has not resolved yet, it has not gotten any worse which is great news.  The doctors seem to think that it happened in utero and now is just slowly resolving itself.  It is fairly confusing and I'm not sure they know exactly what it is doing, but the fact that it is not growing is really good.  We will have it monitored frequently once we have her home.

I cannot wait to have her here with us.  It will be crazy...but good crazy.  If we can keep this schedule thing going I think it will be manageable. 

Here are a few new pics of the girls: 
A little cuddle time for Irene and Brooks
Anna napping with Grump
Sweet Anna
Irene.  Can you see the resemblance with Anna in the previous picture?  Irene has bigger cheeks, but other than that they are really starting to show they are identical. 
Brooks.  Always making faces and crazy hands.
The typical scene in our den during the day time.  We were using a laundry basket for one baby but have upgraded.


  1. I saw a commercial on TV (I watch NatGeo alot) and it had someone talking about a Honey Badger and I wet my pants.

  2. Hey Sage! Glad to hear updates and that Anna is doing much better. Let us know if you need anything, but I can tell you have a bajillion (yep, that's a word) helpers :). And Poop is VERY exciting when it comes to babies! :)


  3. so glad Anna will get to come home this week! I would love to help in any way, so please don't hesitate to ask! Also, I love to discuss baby poop and breastfeeding, so don't hold back around me!