Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 Days

Hard to believe it has been 8 days since Anna, Irene, and Brooks arrived.  So much has changed (Jack told the nurse on Day 2 that they are growing up too fast). The girls have had a great week so far!  They are all making progress every day.  Below is a quick run down on each followed by some new pictures.

Brooks - a few days ago, Brooks started to tolerate small feedings and was on the biliruben lights blanket for jaundice.  As of today she was up to 30+ CCs per feeding and is off the blanket.  She may even have her IV taken out tonight which is really exciting.  She is still in a covered isolette bed for now, mostly because she sleeps more peacefully without all the noise of an open bed.  Brooks is almost back up to her birth-weight - weighing in about 4 lbs.  She loves to move around and break free of her blankets and molds.  Her hands are always in dramatic positions and she stretches and moves in all directions, making great facial expressions the whole time.

Anna - up until a few days ago Anna was unable to tolerate feedings, but now she has really started to make progress in this area.  She started with 2 CCs on Monday and is already up to 14 CCs per feeding tonight.  Hopefully she can keep up the trend!  She also was on the biliruben lights blanket for the last week and is now off of it.  Anna is back up to her birth-weight and close to crossing the 3 lb mark.  She is very peaceful and loves to snuggle up in her isolette.

Irene - Irene is the big eater.  She is up to 40 CCs per feeding and she got her IV out today!  That was a big surprise for us and really exciting because she is no longer constricted to just her area, so we got to hold her by one of her sisters today.  She was a little jaundice earlier this week but never had the blanket and that seems to be improving.  She likes to make dirty diapers.  Irene is also back up to her birth-weight, right at 4 lbs.  She is miss aware - frequently awake and moving her eyes all around.  We love those little peaks at her eyes. 

The big focus for all the girls this week will be working on feeding.  Right now they are getting most of their food via a tube, and so next we'll need to tackle the whole suck/swallow thing.

Now to the good stuff.  Pictures.

Brooks kicked back under the biliruben lights.
Holding Brooks
Brooks stretching out
"Feeding" Brooks
Holding Brooks (that IV is out of her head now!)
Anna all snuggled up
Anna enjoying a little holding in her isolette
Anna relaxing in Mom's arms
Anna's little hand and my huge swollen pale hand

Holding Irene
Irene taking in her surroundings
Irene wide awake
Irene snuggling with Dad after lunch
Irene with Honey (Jack's mom) and Meme (my mom) after a diaper change.
HUGE excitement of our day!  Irene got to come over and visit with Anna now that her IV is out.  This is the closest they have been to each other since they were born.  Hopefully Brooks will get her IV out tonight and she can come over and visit too.
Even more excitement....I got to hold both Irene and Anna at the same time!  I think Brooks would have fit perfectly in the middle.  Who needs more than two hands?

Life is crazy right now with the back and forth between Memphis and Oxford and making sure we get in all the NICU time we can, while I still try and make sure I recover as well.  I feel like I am in a time warp!  We are loving every minute that we have with the girls and cannot wait to get them home when the real craziness will begin.

The girls are loving meeting all of their family.  They got to spend some quality time with Honey today, who of course has been such a great help through this whole pregnancy and now while we are in this transition period.  Meme has been here since early last week and will stay through this week, and that has been unbelievably helpful in getting everything done.  Richard was here to meet them the day they were born, and Carolyn was also here for a long visit to help out and keep me and the girls company.  Anna Ruth, Will, and Frances are coming to see us this weekend which is always lots of fun.  I know they can't wait to meet another aunt and hopefully before long they can meet their cousin Frances, and cousins Lyndy and Kat.  They've met Aunt Melanie and soon will meet all the Beckham cousins also - Jack, Kathleen, and Sarah Beth, and of course Uncle Matthew can't wait for his turn. 

It is still hard to believe we have THREE daughters now....WOW.


  1. What an exciting time!!!! You and Jack look so happy getting to hold them and spend time with them. They are all so beautiful! I'm so thrilled to get to see more pictures of them!

  2. You all look wonderful! so glad they are eating good and you are getting to love on them! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys!

    Susan Martin

  3. I am so excited for you guys. They are beautiful; I hope I get to meet them one day not too far away.

  4. Sage -- p.s. -- will you send me your snail mail address please?