Thursday, September 26, 2013


Everyone always asks me if the girls have their own language.  When they were little they babbled constantly.  Now they talk constantly.  It has never seemed like it was any sort of secret language.

And then I realized that maybe the secret language is right under my nose....just one word with varying intonations!

When they were teeny-tiny , we always said their first word would be "hey" because they made this noise all the time that sounded like the word "hey".  Oddly enough, they now say "hey" all of the time.  To each other, to us, to the dogs, to their dolls, to strangers on walks.

Here is a short version of the "hey" noise from when they were 10 weeks old.

And here they are now at almost two years old saying "hey" to each other 50 thousand times before they go to sleep.

Coincidence?  Or highly advanced multiples language...


  1. That is fascinating! I love love love that clip of the tiny little 10 week old girls communicating with one another. And yes, their heys now still sound very much like they did then!

  2. I agree with Lisa! "Hey" means so much to them!