Monday, February 25, 2013

16 Months (almost)

At almost 16 months old, the girls are just growing and doing something new every day.  Anna is a little over 20 lbs, Brooks 22 lbs, and Irene 24 lbs.  Hard to believe those tiny babies are little girls now.  They are so funny.  All about kisses and saying no and very much testing the limits.

The other night Irene was fussing in the middle of the night and Brooks sat up and told her to "be quiet".  We didn't hear a peep after that. 

At our 15 month checkup

Obviously something interesting on the TV.
Anna Ruth, Fran, and Meme came to visit last weekend.  We participated in the Oxford Run for Hope half marathon and 5K run/walk.  Anna Ruth ran the half, Jack ran the 5K, and mom and I walked the 5K with the babies and friends.

Hanging with Brooksie.

Quite the foursome. 

With our friends  Nina and Lisa and Lisa's 6 month old Lydia. 

Fran always knows how to strike a pose.

Mass Chaos. 
Sporting our new umbrellas for the wagon.  We look ridiculous but it helps with the shade. 
The girls got a new piano in the playroom.  It is quite fun.  And loud.

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  1. would you all stand up please and show me those lovely bald baby p-ssy's mmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing better