Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 months

I had all intentions of doing those cute "month" onesie sticker picture series...but not happening.  So here are some pictures of each around when they were born, around one month, and around two months.

Anna  right after birth

Anna about one month - right before she came home

Anna a little over two months - I think she is a little over 6 lbs now
Irene a few days old

Irene one month

Irene two months (she is getting big - I think close to 9 lbs) 
Brooks a few days old

Brooks around one month

Brooks around two months - I think she is around 8 lbs

They are all doing really well.   More and more alert each day and starting to smile.  Poor Brooks is battling some stomach issues that we are working to solve.  We had a follow up ultrasound on Anna's head to check on the brain bleed - hopefully the results will show that it is continuing to resolve.  Irene is our big eater and sleeper.

Remember the post on nature vs nurture?  Here is one more example, with pictures.  Anna and Irene are pretty happy quietly staring at things, like the Christmas tree, and then will dose off to sleep.  Below are pics of them doing just that.  Then you have a few pics of Brooks with the things that keep her happy.....

Irene after staring at the tree

Anna after staring at the tree (they sleep in the exact same position with their heads back)

Brooks occupied by my IPad

Brooks occupied by my mom hypnotizing her with a stocking for a good while

Brooks in one of her favorite positions

Recent pics of all girls after eating before a little play time

Play time.  Their favorite play activity is staring and batting at each other.  Not so interested in toys.  Brooks left, Irene right, Anna top.
Thew view from the video monitor.  They are now in two cribs, about to be three.  We feel like we are security guards in a mental ward watching patients try to bust out of their straight jackets.

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  1. I cannot believe they are already 2 months old! They are all growing so much; I would love to come visit sometime this month if you are up to it.